🌄 The story of a LEGEND: Ayrton SENNA documentary | Review + Reaction

In this video I will make my particular and very personal review of the most famous film about the brazilian driver Ayrton Senna da Silva. The 1st of May of 1994 Ayrton Senna passed away in the imola circuit, at age 34, in the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix, after a fatal crash in the Tamburello corner, when he was leading the race. The Senna documentary was released in 2011. The music, the editing and the story that tells on it, reflects the essence and the spirit that sourround the Senna’s icon, as a person and as a driver. But also there’s some details on it that I would like to comment more in depht. Some of them known, and others that probably anyone else commented never before. This is the danifloz review about Senna. Enjoy it.

Deja vu crash: Brundle – Bianchi:

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🎼 Music
▪️ Senna film official OST, composed by Antonio Pinto

📼 Sources used on this video:
▪️ Senna (official trailer)
▪️ RaceFans making of Senna part 9:
▪️ Alain Prost’s Memories of Ayrton Senna

0:00 Senna movie intro
0:45 Is Senna a documentary?
1:17 Senna music soundtrack 1988 Monaco Grand Prix
1:29 God – Senna theme reprise
1:52 Ayrton Senna Brasil 1991
2:19 Ayrton Senna podium Brasil
2:56 God – Senna theme reprise redux
3:18 Xuxa Ayrton Senna
5:26 Alain Prost vs Ayrton Senna in the film
5:53 Prost critized Senna
6:57 Origin of Ayrton Senna quote
7:57 Ayrton Senna San Marino Grand Prix 1994
8:30 Ayrton Senna fatal crash Imola 1994
10:02 Senna review conclusions
10:34 Senna movie ending

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